Reviews for “Tell Me All About It”

Released on April 6, 2018 on ThouART Records

By Randy Radic –
“Tell Me All About It is grand retro pop/rock replete with nostalgic aromas of Beatlemania and psychedelic progressive rock of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The melodies shimmer with coruscating energy, while the vocals exude nuanced textures and pastel hues. Light and ebullient describes the mood of the music, making it wonderfully cathartic.”
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By Aaron Kupferberg –
“I was extremely proud to have Oberon Rose play Power Popaholic Fest a few years ago, and now Tommy Oberon takes his band and ups the ante on a brilliant sophomore LP. Older rock influences (Beatles, Pink Floyd) are happily played alongside newer ones (The White Stripes, The Flaming Lips.) The opening title track is an infectious rocker that shimmers to life with its flowery production and psychedelic flourishes. This is followed by “No Stranger” as it continues to impress with its driving rhythm and sing along chorus.”
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By Tim Hinely –
“This is the band’s sophomore released and the songwriting is strong , kind of mix between the melodic jangle of Tom Petty or Badfinger with some T-Rex flash tossed in (Beatles too, can’t forgot those mop tops freaks). They open with the sturdy title track while other cuts like the trippier “Lonely Ghost,”, the punchy “Drawn & Quartered’ and the sunny, melodic “A Place In the Sun” show that the band’s no one-trick pony.”
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By Susan Calloway –
“To me “Tell Me All About It” by Oberon Rose is about love and life and delivers several superb performances from these 3 via an impressive songwriting partnership by Tommy Oberon, Lyrics written by Rebecca Rose. The LP also allowed me to indulge into memories of my college days when I used to party all night long and come down had the next listening to acts like The Stone Roses, Four Non-Blondes, The Libertines, Toadies, and Radiohead. Oberon Rose questions a traditional rock sensibility and offers listeners a glimpse into the future of music by taking a script from the past. What’s apparent from the 9 tracks featured is this is a surprisingly tight band with elite writing skills.”
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By Mindy McCall –
“Oberon Roses’ latest release Tell me About it is a compelling musical journey. These 9 songs pretty much rock the house. Its strong suit is its amazing sonic ambience and song for song musical flow. These guys and gals get high marks from me for their brilliant musical approach bringing in much instrumentation and musical variety. This CD will be a real joy for those listeners out there who want flowing trippy ambience to fill their sonic space peacefully and unobtrusively. This progressive somewhat trippy format makes for a great extended play experience. I recommend you just hit play, close your eyes and see where the party takes you. So if you’re looking for a psychedelic musical experience with sonic ambience, theatrical brilliance and a psychedelic rock aftertaste, then I highly recommend you take a listen to the latest CD from Oberon Rose entitled Tell Me All About it right away.”
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By Michael Keith –
“If you want a rocking melodic rocking staple there’s something on this record for you. Obviously many will fall head over heels with Oberon Rose. Let me go on record by saying this is one band that’s set up rather well for mainstream success along the East coast and beyond this year. Some of this plays into strong marketability world-wide. Some pieces present more modern sounding overtones, but despite all this they possess an infectious Indie UK rock texture with some American punk thrown in. This is really what makes Oberon Rose so enticing to me personally – lots of depth. In the end Oberon Rose possesses an impressive and youthful look and sound. “Tell Me About it” grants one rare access to peer into the soul of a quintessential artist not so tormented but rather easy going and positive shall we say.”
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By John McCall –
“All songs strike the perfect balance between rock, alternative rock and clean well crafted UK punk. The songwriting is impressive and digs a bit deeper than the next independent band. Within each one of these pieces Oberon and company capture something special as they bare their soul and deliver what I would call pure musical mojo. I especially like some of the darker moments i/e the ending of the title track. The vocal abilities and passion of Oberon are to die for. The overall vibe of the production is very upbeat, catchy, hooky and even a bit comical with pockets of hope shining through. Besides the four piece standard I really enjoyed the trippy organ, red hot solo guitar, piano and lush harmonies.”

“I see Oberon Rose as a diamond in the rough, with an amazing amount of potential moving into 2018. As time goes by we will no doubt hear more from them. In close most famous artists out there have “it” I’m not so sure what it is but Oberon Rose has “it.”
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By Lori Reynolds –
“I honestly can’t think of a better time than now to unleash this kind of classic retro style of rock music to the world. I mean – we really need it right now. Having listened to the radio or watched the news lately – most would agree it’s time for something different and new. This latest 9 song LP by Oberon Rose is a ray of light outfitted with a distinctly familiar 60’s style rock feel with a slight punkish edge that takes no prisoners. The OR signature sound and musical personality gives the music credible bulk, feel and authenticity. Make no mistake – Oberon Rose is very interesting but a little dangerous and dark.”
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 By John B. Moore –

“On first listen, you’d be hard pressed to give a specific year that Oberon Rose put together “Tell Me About It.” The band’s specifically unique brand of psychedelic-tinged pop music brings to mind everyone from Big Star and Badfinger to Wings and The Posies, a decidedly timeless sound.”
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