“With Wunjo, Tom Oberon has crafted a stunning debut of melodic psych-pop … this is quite possibly the best album of its kind and it’s the kind of disc that should find fans outside of the power pop subgenre!”

-Absolute Power Pop

“Tom Oberon leans heavily on classic sixties influences like The Kinks, Beatles, T.Rex and more on his debut, Wunjo. The sweet melody “Young Goodman Brown” flows nicely and the guitar rhythm reminds me of the Zombies a little. Other songs evoke the golden age of psyche pop without getting cliche, like “Of Life Divine” and the brilliant Beatlesque ender “So is The Flow.” Each track is compelling and overall this album is a real treat for lovers of classic melodic rock!”



“I’ve just come upon your music, and I’m glad I did. I get a distinct Posies/Cotton Mather vibe from your songs. I like “Young Goodman Brown” and “One Man Show of Sorrow”’s insistent beat and strong melodies. These are nicely offset by the beautiful “Wunjo,” with its wonderful acoustic guitar work and melody. “So Is the Flow” has a strong melodic presence and a nice ambiance, buoyed along by the striking percussion and wonderful background vocals. This is great stuff.”

-Pure Pop Radio

A half hour of happiness. – Jazz Blues & Co (France)