One Man Show Of Sorrow

Oberon Rose
Rock Psychedelic Pop
  1. One Man Show Of Sorrow -:-- / 3:00

One Man Show Of Sorrow
(Music & Melodies: Tommy Oberon / Lyrics:  Rebecca Rose)

It’s a shame that your life is remembered
for the pain rather than for the pleasure

It’s a One Man Show Of Sorrow
drivin’ back beat, poison arrow

Love divides, demons hide and the angels
gather ’round, playin’ jax as the lights go down

City back streets, missing spaces
leading back to empty places

Mean underground
become the one
heavens been found
six feet under battle grounds

In the end seasons change life surrenders
to the call of the fallen offenders

Secret wishin’, pony’s ridin’
back bone breakin’, hearts are achin’

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Tambourine, Sound Effects:  Tommy Oberon
Vocal Harmony:  Kurt Reil
Drums:  Jay

©2012 Oberose Music