Of Life Divine

Oberon Rose
Rock Psychedelic Pop
  1. Of Life Divine -:-- / 2:27

Of Life Divine
(Music & Melodies: Tommy Oberon / Lyrics:  Rebecca Rose)

Nor today here you must not
freedom rings from that there spot
risin’ up to take the shots

Whistle and blow
wheel of the soul

Once she did what you do now
woman caught she bore a vow
greeting moonlight’s vacant howl

Reap what you sow
so is the flow

Over yonder stands the foolish knave
always thinkin’ he’ll be saved
bell and book in hand he waits

for any sign
Of Life Divine

Though dishonestly he doth deny
with a twinkle in his eye
and to the past he sings a lullaby

La la la la

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Wurlitzer, Shakers:  Tommy Oberon
Drums:  Doug Clark

©2012 Oberose Music