Drawn & Quartered

Oberon Rose
  1. Drawn & Quartered -:-- / 3:42

Drawn & Quartered
(Music & Melodies: Tommy Oberon / Lyrics:  Rebecca Rose)

You don’t even know your name
but you hate it all the same
cocoa bunny sugar rush
Sophia’s role has come

Drawn & Quartered

You cut off all your hair
God is not from Cleveland
love by the garbage can
over priced designer pants

Drawn & Quartered

Chicken from China
is rotten no matter how you cut it
on and on and on…

Love by the garbage
is rotten no matter how you like it
on and on and on…

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Wurlitzer, Tambourine, Wha Wha Piano:  Tommy Oberon
Drums:  Mike Keyes

©2017 Oberose Music